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Bohringer Lab

First-author manuscript: Development of Forensic Technology for Detection of Tuna Species at Point of Need

Work independently and collaboratively to conceptualize, design, execute, analyze, and interpret experiments and results.

Proficient in RPA; CRISPR Cas12a; qPCR; Nanodrop; DNA extraction methods including alkaline lysis and silica membrane based purification; primer designing; troubleshooting; protocol optimization; and Cq value interpretation.

Designed and developed a smartphone based 3D printed tuna identification device with electrical engineers.

Recruited three undergraduate electrical engineers and one computer science undergraduate. 

Presented in weekly research pitch and journal club

Mary Gates Research Scholarship (Results by December)


Mentor: Nuttada Panpradist

Basso Lab

Combining electrophysiological and behavioral measurements with computational and causal methods (optogenetics, chemogenetics) in wild type and transgenic mice to determine the role of multiple brain areas in perceptual decision-making in mouse models.

Perform mice colony management utilizing SoftMouse software and behavioral training. 

Certified for cervical dislocation, subcutaneous injections and intramuscular injections on mice models.


Comparative Medicine

I worked as an Animal Facility Student Assistant at UW Department of Comparative Medicine. Operated and maintained autoclaves, rack washers, and bedding dispensers, per SOP. Fulfilled mice, rats, and gerbils cages and enrichment orders from labs and researchers: 100+ cages an hour, 7+ orders a day. Maintained large primate and dog cages, enrichment toys and food bowls. Kept record of each autoclave and rack washer cycle: Temperature, pressure, and errors. Assisted with transportation and stocking of supplies, animals, and handling refuse. Followed PPE requirements and handled physically demanding tasks.

Patented 3D printable custom mobility aids for dogs and cats, and helped a rescue cat with hemiparesis.

Korean Patent: KIM, Giyoun; Walking assistance device for pets. KR1020180046730

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Patented multifunctional interactive feeders for dogs and cats. Consistently upgraded and built 5 prototypes using Fusion 360, Rhino, FDM, SLA and SLS technology. Application of CNC injection molding using silicone rubber and 30% GF glass fiber-reinforced ABS resin. Crowd funding in preparation.


Made RF Security Necklace for girls and women in a small town Taphatali, Nepal. 

Delivered, demonstrated, volunteered, kept in touch, and consistently upgraded according to feedback

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