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Research Experience

CasDx Intern at GH Labs

  • Execute, analyze, and troubleshoot laboratory experiments focused on characterizing and optimizing the nuclease activities of CRISPR-associated enzymes.

  • Execute time course experiments to determine kinetic constants under differing conditions.

  • Perform validation of various diagnostic platform concepts.

  • Mentor: Eric Nalefski

Panpradist Research Group

  • Development of a point-of-care Congenital Cytomegalovirus screening on a wearable device.

  • Development of isothermal dRPA for digital quantification of HIV RNA using (RT)-RPA/CRISPR cas12a.

  • Design and LCD print chambers for monolayer droplets and wearable devices.

  • Designing optically transparent microporous scaffold structure to enable a minimal amount of patient sample fluid to make direct contact with the reaction sites in a wearable diagnostic device chamber.

  • Purchase, operate, and maintain two FDM 3D printers and one LCD 3D printer.

  • Mentor: Nuttada Panpradist


Bohringer Lab

  • U.S. Homeland Security Investigations National IUUF Program

  • Development of Forensic Technology for Detection of Tuna Species at Point of Need

  • Development of a Versatile Point-of-care Diagnostic Toolkit for Seafood Safety Analyses

  • Work independently and collaboratively to conceptualize, design, execute, troubleshoot, optimize, analyze, and interpret protocols, experiments and results.

  • Proficient in primer designing; quality control utilizing internal primers; annealing temperature optimization; standard curve generation; and Cq interpretation.

  • Designed and developed a smartphone based 3D printed tuna identification device with electrical engineers.

  • Recruited three undergraduate electrical engineers collaborators. 

  • Presented in weekly research pitch and journal clubs.

  • Mentor: Nuttada Panpradist

Juncker Lab
Microfluidics, Bioprinting, Organ-on-Chip Hands-on Workshop

  • Gained first hand experience with extrusion-based and DLP bioprinting and microfluidic cell culture. 

  • First-place winner team of Multi-OoC Drug Discovery System for CRC Treatment Design Challenge.

  • Learned fundamentals and application of micro and nano biotechnologies.

Workshop day 3-120 2.png

Patented 3D printable custom mobility aids for dogs and cats, and helped a rescue cat with hemiparesis.

Korean Patent: KIM, Giyoun; Walking assistance device for pets. KR1020180046730

Run PAWSitive logo-6.jpg


Made RF Security Necklace for girls and women in a small town Taphatali, Nepal. 

Delivered, demonstrated, volunteered, kept in touch, and consistently upgraded according to feedback

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